Vanishing pid file and directory in /var/run

Sickrage pid file kept vanishing after reboots. Turns out /var/run is tmpfs. Use tmpfiles.d!


D  /var/run/sickrage 0755 sickrage sickrage

Found through


AzureWebJobsDashboard connection string

Connecting to an existing storage account that has only blob storage didn’t work, and I got the following (unhelpful) error message:

Failed to connect with the accountname storage account using credentials provided in the connection string.
In your Microsoft Azure Website configuration you must set a connection string named AzureWebJobsDashboard by using the following format DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=NAME;AccountKey=KEY pointing to the Microsoft Azure Storage account where the Microsoft Azure WebJobs Runtime logs are stored.

Solution: use a new general purpose storage account.

RabbitMQ Management on Docker on Azure

Ran into issues using the docker image for RabbitMQ on Azure.

$ sudo bash
$ cd /etc/docker/compose
$ docker-compose down
$ nano /etc/docker/compose/docker-compose.yml

# environment:
# – RABBITMQ_NODENAME=qti-rabbitmq
hostname: qti-rabbitmq
image: rabbitmq
– 5672:5672
– 15672:15672
restart: always
– /var/lib/rabbitmq:/var/lib/rabbitmq

$ docker-compose up -d
$ docker exec compose_rabbitmq_1 rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management
$ docker exec compose_rabbitmq_1 rabbitmqctl status

Then, login in to the rabbitmq management page at http://[public-ip]:15672 with guest:guest